The word 'Tram'  came from Scots (The Germanic language) word. We can see this vehicle only Urban streets. Calcutta is the first city in the India who got trams. We found out the first horse drawn trams ran in Calcutta between American Ghat to Sealdah on 24 Feb 1873 . But the service closed on 20 Nov in that year. Then British rulers registered  Calcutta Tram Way company in London on 22 dec 1880. The first electric trams ran in kolkata in 27th march 1902 from Esplaned to Kidderpore . Over the year few more line introduced in all over the city. 

The esplanade line extended to Belgacia, Esplaned to sealdah, esplaned to bagbazar route are opened in 1904. On other hand Kalighat line extended to Tollygunge. In feb 1943 when Howrah Bridge constructed  then Howrah and Calcutta conected by the trams. The Calcutta Tramways  is the oldest electric tramway in Asia right now. We can find out Six trams depots (Belgachia. Rajabazar, Garia hut, Tollygunge. Kalighat, Khidirpur) and nine Terminals (shyambazar, Golif street, Bidhan nagar Road, Ballygunge station, Behala, Sealdah, Esplaned. B.B.D Bag . Howrah Bridge).

Maximun are closed right  now. The kalighat tram depots is the smallest depots and Khidirpur depots is oldest depots in kolkata. After Independence  in 1951 West Bengal Govt took over the tramways. In 1976 The Calcutta tramways was nationalished. when Metro rail came in 80 era trams lost their  popularity . CTC had 257 trams but now only 35 trams run daily over the city. We have news unlucky few accident  happened in 2012 and 2013. On 3 dec 2012 seven years child was killed by tram and another  report was one bus driver tryed to over take a tram but few pasenger suffered for that. The critict says trams occupy to much road space and slow down other road vehicle , on other hand carry few passangers. But the expert says instead of  shutting down the GOVT should improve the infrastructure so the trams can run more efficiently.

Its  accepted that the trams environment friendly compare with the other vehicle. Now single coach AC trams also introduce for  heritage tours. North Kolkata in the morning and South kolkata in the evening.In 2011 study by the Univercity of Calcutta said improving Kolkata tramways would have greater economic and environmental benifits than replacing it withother means of trasport such as buses. Recently GOVT  decided they are not planing to scrap  trams . They will try to make over the trams.


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