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Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand state of India. . On November 9, 2000, when the state of Uttarakhand was divided, it was made the interim capital of Uttarakhand (then Uttaranchal). It is said that Sikh Guru Ramarai Kiratpur came from Punjab and settled here. The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb had donated some villages to him from the King of Tehri. Here he also built a temple similar to the Mughal tombs in 1699 AD, which is famous till date. Probably because the Guru's camp is in this valley, the name of this place must have been called Dehradun. Apart from this, according to a very ancient legend, Dehradun was earlier named Dronagar and it was said that Dronacharya, the Guru of Pandava-Kauravas, built his taphobhumi at this place and this city was named after him. According to another legend, the Dronaparte whose medicines Hanuman ji had taken to Lanka when Lakshmana was possessed, was located in Dehradun, but in Valmiki Ramayana this mountain has been called Sir.



Sahastradhara is situated amidst dense forests in the mountains ahead of Dehradun. Devbhoomi is 11-12 km from Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand and located in northwestern Uttaranchal state of northern India. It is a picnic spot but the main attraction here is the caves in which water is constantly dripping. This water contains sulfur, by which skin pain can be cured. The water falling from the hill has been stored in a natural way. Walking further up the hill, inside the hill there are many small holes cut naturally, which are not clearly visible from outside, but when entering this cave, their roof drips like a continuous rain shower. She lives. Several groups of streams located here are known as Sahastradhara. Hundreds of people come here every year to avoid the heat in summer. This place has also been in the favorite places of the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Ozone park ,Silver fall,Coffee with Cafeteria Disco Thek for Nature,Terris Restaurant. The exciting air travel to reach here makes the tourists coming here unforgettable. On reaching here, it seems that we have reached the queen of the mountains.


Tapkeshwar Temple is a major temple located in the state of Uttarakhand, India, which is located 6.5 kilometers from the city center of Dehradun. Let us tell you that Tapkeshwar Temple is a very attractive cave temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple with its charm and simple appearance is situated on the banks of a river which gives it a unique sanctity. There is a Shiva linga installed in the main premises of the temple, which is believed that whoever comes here to ask for something and seek the blessings of God, God fulfills their wish. Leaks because of which this place is named Tapkeshwar. It is believed that this place was inhabited by Guru Dronacharya, hence it is also known as Drona Cave. Tapkeshwar Temple is one of the popular destinations in Dehradun. Let us know that this temple is situated in the lap of the mountains, due to which this place also serves as a good picnic spot for travelers. You can visit the Tapkeshwar Temple while doing some trekking through the forest by enjoying the greenery. If you are planning to visit Tapkeshwar Temple, then definitely read this article, here we are giving you complete information about the history, mythology, architecture and know-how of Tapkeshwar Temple.


Colorful umbrellas in the edge of water filled with pebbles, chair postures all around, this atmosphere of secret people is very lovely. A river that flows through large rocks is a unique beauty. Enjoying the freezing cold weather, taking a walk in the river of water coming up to your knees is nothing short of an exciting journey. For those enjoying a picnic, the Robber's cave is no less than a paradise in Dehradun. Local residents here say that many years ago it used to be a hiding place for thieves, hence its name got robber cave. This river and cave built by nature is known as Guchupani in the local language here. This rock wall made of artistic shape amidst dense forests and lush green environment is the best place for weekend weekends. Guchupani is the most valuable place in the picturesque valley of Doon. The chhatris and chairs on the way out of the robbery cave attract your attention. Sitting here enjoying the Maggi and hot tea, you will experience the fun of sitting in the pool side restaurant. Do not forget to make an exciting trip to this cave in your trip to Dehradun.


Sai Durbar Temple is a famous religious center of Dehradun. The temple is open to people of all castes and religions, and is a symbol of Sai Baba's secular teachings. This temple is located at a distance of about 8 km from Clock Tower on Rajpur Road. The temple is known for its beautiful environment and majestic marble structure. It is filled daily by a large number of devotees. During the evening, a prayer session takes place in the temple premises. The serenity of the place makes it an ideal place for those who seek peace of mind and want a short break from the turmoil of city life.


The Forest Research Institute (FRI) at Dehradun is a major research institute located on the Kaulagarh road. The institute was established in 1906 and occupies a large area of about 450 hectares. The institute is famous for its magnificent building, which represents an amazing amalgamation of Greco-Roman and colonial style of architecture. There are six museums related to forestry in the premises of the building. The museum exhibits varieties of non-timber forest products, timber, forestry, social forestry, pathology and entomology. Apart from museums, the place also has a beautiful botanical garden. The park is quite popular among visitors. Apart from this, Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy is also located here.
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Entry Fee:  Rs15


Buddha Temple or Buddha Garden is one of the popular tourist attractions in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state. The Buddha Temple at the foothills of the Himalayas is considered one of the largest Buddhist centers in India. It was created with the objective of preserving and promoting Tibetan culture in India. The temple has its own healthcare clinic, a primary and secondary Buddhist school, guest house and a community prayer hall. Buddha Temple is famous for its marvelous architecture, attractive interiors and colorful murals that depict the life of Gautama Buddha. One of the major attractions of Buddha Temple is the Great Stupa which was inaugurated in 2002. The Great Stupa artwork is a marvel of Buddhist art. It is about 220 feet in height and 100 square feet in width. Buddha Temple is a very famous Tibetan religious site built in late 1965 by Cochin Rinpoche to preserve the religious and cultural understanding of Buddhism. It was built as one of the four Tibetan schools of religion and was named "Nyingma" or Old Translation School. The other three schools are Sakya, Kagyu and Geluk which have great importance in Tibetan religion.The Buddha Temple is one of the best places for peace and purity. You can pay obeisance at the 130 feet high statue of Lord Buddha in the temple premises which is dedicated to the Dalai Lama. One can enjoy the bird view of the city from the open air viewing platform of the temple. There are several small shops and cafes that align the temple complex. You can enjoy some delicious Tibetan cuisine and buy some fancy clothes from the clothing shops located here. You can buy some spiritual and Tibetan books available at bookstores from here and keep some beautiful scenes of the architecture of the temple in your memory forever through the camera. 


Malsi deer Park located in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand state, is located at a distance of 10 km from Dehradun. Malsi Deer Park is a major wildlife lovers attraction after Rajaji National Park in Dehradun. Located 10 km from Dehradun on Mussoorie road, this mini zoological park or garden has now developed into a famous picnic in Dehradun. Surrounded by Malsi Reserve Forest, Malsi Deer Park is famous for small deer and peacocks in their natural habitat in the Shivalik foothills. Apart from the majestic deer population, the park also has two horned deer and Nilgai (Indian antelope). Visitors can also see the wide variety of birds in the park in their natural environment and anyone can feed them. Authorities have also installed several slides for children in the park. Canteen edible items are also available in the park. Malsi Deer Park is located in the beautiful city of Dehradun and is a paradise for nature lovers. The park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The park is also a popular picnic spot for families who come here for a picnic. Tourists from all over the country visit this zoo to see the many species of animals living in this zoo. Let's go to the park. The park is mainly famous for deer. Apart from deer, one can also see tigers, peacocks, rabbits and nilga. For those looking for a great place to go with children, Malsi Deer Park in Dehradun is the place to explore.
Timings: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Closed on Monday)
Entry fee: Rs 10



Dehradun's airport is Jolly Grant Airport, which is located 20 km from the city center. Air India, Jet Airways, Jet Connect and Spice Jet have regular flights to Dehradun. You can hire a taxi to reach the city from the airport, which can take you 40 to 45 minutes depending on traffic.


Dehradun is connected by regular train services to cities, Delhi, Lucknow, Allahabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ujjain, Chennai and Varanasi. Dehradun railway station is located at a distance of 1-2 kilometers from the city center and can take only ten minutes depending on traffic. Dehradun is connected to the rest of the country by other trains like Shatabdi Express, Jan Shatabdi Express, Dehradun AC Express, Doon Express, Bandra Express and Amritsar-Dehradun Express.


Dehradun is well connected to cities like Delhi, Shimla, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Agra and Mussoorie like Volvo, Deluxe, Semi-Deluxe and Uttarakhand State Transport Buses. These buses arrive and depart from the Dehradun Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) near Clement Town. Buses run here every 15 minutes to an hour. Other bus terminals of Dehradun are Mussoorie bus station, located at Dehradun railway station which are regular bus services to Mussoorie and other nearby cities. Another interstate bus terminal in Dehradun is the Delhi Bus Stand on Gandhi Road.



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