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Kavaratti is the capital and headquarters of the Lakshadweep Islands.There is no ancient aboriginal inhabitant in the archipelago.The main occupation of the people of the region is to catch fish and cultivate coconut. Kavaratti, a small colony with more than 10,000 inhabitants, is famous for water sports, shopping and some heritage sites such as museums and mosques. The beaches of Kavaratti also attract thousands of tourists every year and the seafood served in the eatery and the cottage are excellent! This island is 4.22 square km from all around, which does not take much time to see, the roads here are very good, you can take a rental bike and take a walk in the middle.The white sandy beaches of Kavaratti have attracted a lot of eyes for many years and have attracted thousands of tropical vacation seekers. After coming here, you must take a dip in the blue-green water here. This place is still untouched by commercialization and attracts people like peace.



This island is also known as the gateway to Lakshadweep and it is also a very popular place for those who come here, this island is so beautiful that if you come to Lakshadweep and do not visit here, your journey will be modern. To get here, you will always get boats ready from any part of Lakshadweep, mainly boats are the main mode of transport here.Apart from this, Agatti itself provides domestic airports throughout the Lakshadweep Islands from which one can easily depart for Cochin and Bangalore. Less than 4 square km, Agatti Island is a small island with just 2 resorts. A narrow road helps tourists get around the island as well as a rented motor bike is a good option to go here.  The white sandy beaches, unchanged waters and turquoise blue lagoons are as breathtaking as they seem in movies. Most of the tourists interested in tourism do not know what they will get to see after coming here, so if tourists are coming to Lakshadweep, then they should make every effort to come here. It is difficult to believe that such a natural change can be seen only after folding 200 km After coming here, people do not believe that there can be such a good place in the world.If you have caught fish in the lagoon, barbecue will also be arranged for you here so that your journey will be memorable. If you are in Agatti, then eat the local cuisine here once. Agatti people are known for their sea food all over the world, especially you will not get the flavor of the tuna fish cooked by them, it is known that from here, tuna is imported in large quantities to other countries. The only thing that will disappoint the tourists who come here is that they cannot drink liquor by coming here. Use of alcohol is prohibited in this entire island.


Located on the land of India and about one hundred and fifty miles off the coast of Cochin, Kalpeni is a small island, covering only 2.8 square km. This north-south aligned island is primarily known for its beautiful 2.8 kilometer wide lagoon. Kalpeni is most famous for its tip beaches, on which you will see white sandy sea shore clear water and colorful lagoon. This place is the best place for water divers. Here in the afternoon people can be seen diving with breathing tube. It is also said here that if you did not dive here, you did nothing. Tip Beach is located on the northern tip of the island, so the place is named after it. Apart from these things, this beach is also famous for its kayaking and walking on the reef. The islands of Tilakkam, Pitti and Cherium serve as a conglomerate of Kalpeni islands. Also Kalpeni is also known for its 37 meter long lighthouse. When you reach the top of this lighthouse, you will definitely see the sea from here, you will definitely be lost in a calm sea. The lagoons here will fascinate you by reaching the summit, one can gaze at the beauty of the Kalpeni Islands with its dense tree umbrella and picturesque lagoon. Tourists visiting here can partner and rent tourist cottages. Traveling on this island is a different experience in itself. One must definitely experience visiting this place once in their lifetime.


Bangaram was a perfect honeymoon destination as told by many tourists who visit here. , This island offers a few more things than its larger counterparts in the Lakshadweep Islands because it is close to Agati Island which is the domestic airport to visit Lakshadweep. The 60 convenient cottages located in Bangaram make it a major holiday destination and tourist attraction center and this is what makes it different from other islands of Lakshadweep. Due to its proximity to the sea coast and the numerous cottages, this place is an ideal place to spend a few days' vacation. One of the main reasons for more tourists coming to this place is the food here. Being a restaurant in all the cottages here, you get good food which gives you a better experience. The food served in these restaurants is very tasty. You can eat many delicious food by coming to Bangaram and here you can order your favorite food.


29 Overview Photo Attractions Hotel Amini Island embodies the Lakshadweep Islands, which stands for seclusion and a true tropical vacation experience. It is a small, oval-shaped island of about 3 kilometers in length and one kilometer in width. This historic island has been made famous by St. Ubaidullah who spread Islam in the island and neighboring areas. The resorts on the island with their artificial wood floors and amazing views make for an excellent holiday experience and are the closest to the twilight natural beauty experienced on the terrace. A boat can be taken from Agatti to go to Amini Island.


There is an island group on Suheli which includes Suheli Valiyakara and Suheli Cheriyakara, two small islands located about 75 km south of Agatti Island. The defining feature of these two islands is that one of them is a large oval shaped lagoon that shows the green unchanged sea life to the world. Between these two islands there is a long thin sand line known as Suheli Pitti. Which is the breeding ground of many birds living here. Suheli has a processing center for tuna from October to April, due to which hundreds of fishermen from nearby areas make their camp here, during which time temporary settlements of these people can be seen here. If you are really looking for seclusion and relaxation, then come here once, it gives a different kind of divine pleasure to the tourist visiting the sea sitting on the beautiful white sand. If you really want to come here, then when you are planning to come here, think to come here before some time. A trip to this tropical coast is nothing short of heaven.


Maliku Island, also known as Minicoy or Maliku Atoll, is the southernmost island of the Lakshadweep Islands. Historically known today as a separate nation, a part of the Maldives, Minicoy bears both cultural and linguistic similarities with the Maldives. It is a relatively small island that is around 10 kilometers in length and its wide area is around 1 km. The island was ceded to India in 1976 after the signing of an agreement between India and the Maldives. The place was a dispute center for some time due to some remarks by the high Maldives leaders in 1982, but the matter was soon resolved. The island is almost completely covered with coconut trees and the sand to the north of this place makes this place a memorable and wonderful holiday. The food found on this island and its captivating atmosphere is wonderful in itself or it can be said that it is a gift to those coming from the lonely tropical Lakshadweep. If you are planning to visit, then definitely come here once this place will not disappoint you.


The same depth and shore leading to far infinity make Kadamth the heaven. It is the only island with lagoon on both the eastern and western sides. It has the best facilities of water sports.



Kingfisher Airlines and Air India depart from the two South Indian cities Bangalore and Cochin for the airport at Agatti Island. In addition, Bangaram, one of the important islands of these islands, also has an airport for travel between the islands.


There is no railway station available in Lakshadweep.


The islands of Lakshadweep cannot be reached via road.



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