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Holy Places In India - Mata Vaishno Devi

Let's call, Mother has called. Everyone, whether young children or old, poor or rich, has heard this chanting during the visit of Mata Vaishno Devi. This is the praise of Vaishno Devi, which has been spoken in India for centuries. The devotees speak it while visiting the temple of Maa Vaishno Devi, one of the most sacred temples. There is a very famous belief that when you hear the voice of Vaishno Devi Mata's name, only then you are able to complete the most difficult journey to see them. Millions of devotees visit the temple of Maa Vaishno Devi every year. This temple is built at a place called Katra in Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated at an altitude of about 5,200 feet. The temple of Maa Vaishno Devi has three forms of Maa Adishakti, Mahasaraswati, Mahalakshmi and Mahakali. It is a cave temple with a total of 4 temples inside it. Vaishno Devi ji is known by many names such as Mata Rani, Trikuta, Vaishnavi - this is the manifestation of all Mata Adishakti.

Holy Places In India - Amarnath

According to Hindu belief, Amarnath Yatra is considered to be the most difficult journey. It is said that who traveled to Amarnath, his life became successful. Amarnath Cave located in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the major shrines of Lord Shiva located worldwide. Its belief is that millions of people complete this journey every year despite facing challenges. This 48-day journey starts in July every year. The center of attraction here is the cave of Amarnath. The cave of Amarnath is located at a height of 3888 meters 141 km from Srinagar. The cave has a length of 19 meters and a width of 16 meters. Throughout the year, this cave is covered with heavy snow. In the summer, when the snow begins to melt, it is opened to devotees for some time. By the way, Amarnath is also called the pilgrimage place of pilgrimage, because it was here that Lord Shiva told his divine wife Parvati the secret of life and eternity. The story of Shivling is related to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. The

Holy Places In India - Kachua Village (Loknath Baba Temple)

Loknath Brahmachari (born: 1730 - died: 1890)  was a Hindu religious leader. He is also known as Loknath Baba. Baba Loknath was born on Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, on 31 August 1730  in a Brahmin family in the Kachua of Kachua in the 24 Parganas, some distance from Calcutta. His father's name was Ramnarayan Ghoshal and his mother was Kamaladevi. He was the 4th son of his parents. Bhagwan Ganguly / Bhagwan Chandra Gangopadhyay lived in the country for a few years as the initiation guru and came to Kalighat with two disciples named Loknath and Benimadhab Bandyopadhyay. Later, Lord Ganguly / Lord Chandra Gangopadhyay took them to Varanasi and left them in the hands of Trailingaswamy before leaving the body. There they studied yoga with Swamiji for some time and went on a journey. Loknath traveled westwards through Afghanistan, Mecca, Medina, etc. to the Atlantic coast. The Muslim population of Makkah held him in high esteem. There he met a great man na

Holy Places In India - Vaidyanath Deoghar

Vaidyanath Temple, Deoghar is located in the famous state of Deoghar in the state of Jharkhand, India. Being a holy pilgrimage, people also call it Vaidyanath Dham. The place where this temple is located is called "Deoghar"  the house of the gods. This place got the name Deoghar due to being located in Baidyanath. It is a Siddhapeeth. It is said that all the wishes of those who come here are fulfilled. For this reason this penis is also called "Kamna Linga". The history of the establishment of this linga is that once Rakshasraj Ravana went to the Himalayas to perform austerities for the happiness of Shiva and started cutting his head and offering it to Shivalinga. After offering nine heads one by one, the tenth head also had to be cut so that Shiva appeared in delight. He turned his head ten times and asked him to ask for a boon. Ravana went to Lanka and asked for the order to take him to establish that gender. Shivji gave permission, but with the warning

Holy Places In India - Ghrishneshwar

In Maharashtra, there is a temple of Ghrishneshwar Mahadev, 11 km from Daulatabad, near Aurangabad. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Some people also call it as Ghushmeshwar. The famous Ellora caves built by Buddhist monks are located near this temple. This temple was built by Goddess Ahilyabai Holkar. Located away from the city, this temple is full of simplicity. This is the last Jyotirlinga in Dwadash Jyotirlingas. It is also called Ghushmeshwar, Ghudrneshwar or Ghrishneshwar. It is located near Verulgaon, twelve miles away from Daulatabad in Maharashtra state. The story of Ghritneshwar Jyotirlinga begins with the story of Sudharma and Sudeha, a couple of husband and wife. Both were happy in their married life, but they were deprived of the attainment of child happiness and it was proved that Sudeha can never become a mother. So Sudeha got her younger sister Ghushma married to her husband Sudharma. Time passed and a beautiful child was born proud of Ghushma. But slowly

Holy Places In India -Trimbakeshwar

The Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga temple is in the Nashik district of Maharashtra-Province, the origin of the Godavari River from the nearby Brahm Giri mountain. There is also great glory of Trimbakeshwar-God, located near the place of origin of these Punyatoya Godavari, as per the request of Gautama Rishi and Godavari, Lord Shiva was pleased to live in this place and became famous by the name Trimbakeshwar. Inside the temple, there are three small lingas in a small pit, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - are considered symbols of these three gods. According to Shivpuran, there are seven hundred steps wide to reach the top of Brahmagiri mountain. After climbing these stairs 'Ramkund' and 'Lashmankund' meet and upon reaching the summit, there is a vision of Bhagwati Godavari emanating from Gomukh. According to legends, there was a famine in Trimbakeshwar that lasted for twenty-four years. Due to this, people started starving. However, God of Rains Varuna was pleased with