Holy Places In India - Baba Balaknath Ji

Baba Balaknath ji is a Hindu worshiper, who is worshiped with great reverence in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, his place of worship is known as "Dayotsidh", this temple is Chakmoh village in Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. Located in the high peak of the hill. The temple has a natural cave in the middle of the hill, it is believed that this place was the residence of Babaji. An idol of Babaji is situated in the temple, devotees offer "rot" in Babaji's altar, "rot" is made by mixing flour and sugar / gud in ghee. Babaji is also offered a goat here, which is a symbol of his love, the goat is not sacrificed here but he is nurtured. There is a restriction on the entry of women in Babaji's cave, but a high platform has been erected in front of the cave for their darshan, from where women can see their distance. There is a place "Shahatlai" about six km ahead of the temple, it is believed that Babaji used to do "Dhyanayoga" at this place.

The story of Baba Balaknath ji can be read in Baba Balaknath Amar Katha, it is believed that Babaji was born in all the ages like Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and presently Kaly Yuga and in every era, Different names were known as "Skanda" in "Sat Yuga", "Kaul" in "Treta Yuga" and "Mahakoul" in "Dwapar Yuga". In each of his incarnations, he helped the poor and the destitute to destroy their sorrows and sufferings. In every birth, he is called a great devotee of Shiva.

This holy place can be easily visited anytime during the year. Sunday is considered as the auspicious day of Baba Ji, so it is generally very crowded on weekends and especially on Sundays. Every year, from 14 March to 13 April, fairs of Chaitra Mass are held here. During this time, a large number of devotees visit here.


There is no airport in Hamirpur district, so no direct air services / flights are available for this place. The nearest airport from Diyotsiddh is Gaggal (Kangra) near Dharamshala, which is about 128 km from here.

There is no direct train service to this place. The nearest railway station from Diyotsiddh is Una (broad gauge railway line). Una railway station is about 55 km from here.

This place is very well connected by road to all the major cities of Himachal Pradesh and other neighboring states. Regular bus service is available at this place. Taxi services are also easily available here.



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