Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Kalimpong

Kalimpong  is located in Darjeeling district of West Bengal. Kalimpong was a part of Sikkim until 1700 AD. It was captured by the King of Bhutan in the early 18th century. After the Anglo-Bhutan War it was merged with Darjeeling in 1865 AD. Scottish missionaries arrived here in the second half of the 19th century. The city was a major trade center for wool until 1950 AD. Presently this city is the major hill station of West Bengal.

Kalimpong is a very busy city. This is because Darjeeling and Gangtok can be passed through this city. Here you can take a break from your busy life and spend a few moments of rest. This city can be visited in a day by car. This city requires two or three days to walk. Kalimpong is situated behind the Himalayas. From here, the Kanchenjunga range and the valley of the river Teesta are very beautiful.

Bhutia crafts, wooden handicrafts, bags, purses, jewelery, thanga paintings and Chinese lanterns can be purchased from here. Bhutia Shop at Dumber Chowk is famous for all these items. Apart from this, Kalimpong Art and Croft Cooperative is also suitable for the purchase of these items. Local thing and lollipop tourists of Kalimpong must buy here.



Thongsha Gompa is the oldest of all the monasteries in Kalimpong . It is known as Bhutani Math. This monastery was founded in 1692 AD. The original structure of this monastery was destroyed in internal quarrels before the British arrived here. The Dalai Lama dedicated Jong Dog Palari Pho Brang Gompa Math to the general public in 1976 AD. This monastery is situated on the peak of Darapeen Dara. This monastery holds the famous Buddhist treatise 'Kangyur'. The Dalai Lama brought this book with 108 parts from Tibet. A very beautiful painting has been done on the walls of the prayer room of this monastery. The upper floor of this monastery has a three-dimensional mandala. Close to this monastery is Tharpa Choiling Gonpa Math. This monastery belongs to the Jelupa sect of Tibetan Buddhism.


Kalimpong still has many colonial buildings. These buildings mainly consist of bungalows and old hotels. Built by British woolen traders, these buildings are mainly located on Ringkingpong and Hill Top Road. These buildings include Morgan House, Krakati, Galinka, Siding and Ringking Form. Morgan House and Siding have been taken over by the government and converted into tourist accommodation. Close to these buildings is the Church of Saint Teresa. This church is built by local artisans on the pattern of the famous Gompa Monastery.


Here is the famous Army Golf Club. Apart from this, exciting sports rafting has been started here in the river Teesta. Those who like exciting games must come here. This place is located near Teesta Bazar. If you want to enjoy this game in full, then a full day has to be given here. The best time to enjoy the game is from November to February. Apart from this, hiking games can be enjoyed throughout the year in the river Teesta.The famous Shanko ropeway is on the Teesta River. This ropeway is located at a height of 120 feet. This ropeway was constructed with the help of the Swedish government. This ropeway lies between the Teesta and the Reilly River. The total length of this ropeway is 11.5 km. This ropeway has made it easy to go to the Samthar plateau, which is located 20 km from  Kalimpong on the way to Siliguri. It takes a day to go here without ropeway.


It is 34 km from Kalimpong .This place is located on the old trade route from Kalimpong to Bhutan. This place is surrounded by dense coniferous forests all around.Here is a very beautiful monastery and Nature Interpretation Center built in Bhutanese style. There is a way to visit Nyura National Park from here. It is known that Nyura is situated at Rashe Pass at an altitude of 10341 feet. Rashe Pass is the boundary of Bhutan, Sikkim and West Bengal. The best view of the Chola category is seen from here. Loligaon, also known as Khapar, is located at a distance of 25 km from the lava. A very beautiful view of snowfall is seen from here.


The nearest airport is Bagdogra. You can hire taxi from airport.

The nearest railway station is the new Jalpaiguri Junction. From station you can take bus or taxi.

It is connected by road from Siliguri (70 km). Government and private buses ply from here to Kalimpong.



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