Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Panchgani

Panchgani is a famous hill station located south of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, India. Which is situated at an altitude of 1334 meters. The name of this hill station comes in the most popular place in the state which is known for its panoramic views. It is also a historical land with British and Indian mythological relics. Sydney Point, Kamalgarh Fort and Devils Kitchen are popular tourist attractions of Panchgani. In the British period this charming place was used as a summer resort. The place is named Panchgani because of the five hills of Sahyadri mountain. From the height of Panchgani you can see beautiful views of Dham Dam Lake and Kamalgarh Fort. Mahabaleshwar is a twin city like Panchgani which is located very close to it. If you like to go to high altitude and you are a nature lover then Panchgani is like heaven for you.

Panchgani was discovered during the British Raj time. This place was used as a resort during the summer days. Panchgani was renovated and renovated by the British Superintendent, John Chasen during the 1960s, due to which the credit for the development of the place goes to him. John Chasson planted many species of plants of the western world to make this place beautiful. Which includes silver oak and poisettia names. Earlier Mahabaleshwar used to be a summer resort of the British, but according to the monsoon this place was not good. So they later decided to make Panchgani a resort as they can spend the entire year in this place in a pleasant manner.

History suggests that John Chasen was given the task of finding a good summer vacation. After which he settled this beautiful place between five villages - Dhandeghar, Godavali, Amaral, Khingar and Taighat. After discovering this beautiful area, John was made the superintendent and the place was named Panchgani. Chasen later improved its infrastructure and settled the tailors, butchers, and dhobis at that place.

Then Panchgani emerged as a town. Apart from the green valleys, soothing atmosphere, red juicy strawberries are a major attraction of Panchgani hills. This place is known as the 'Strawberry Garden' of India.



Kaas Plateau, UNESCO World Natural Heritage of India, a place known for it's beautiful scenery with lakes, flowers and butterflies all around. The Kaas plateau of Panchgani Hill Station is situated at a height of 1200 meters, which is known for the many varieties of flowers and butterflies found here. About 850 species of beautiful flora are found on the Kaas Plateau. Approximately 1000 hectares of plateau are now reserved forests which are popular for their natural beauty and flora.


Table Land is a flat plateau which is one of the highest points of the entire region of Panchgani. The table land is spread over an area of 95 acres and is the longest mountain plateau in Asia. You can also enjoy a panoramic and unobstructed view of sunrise and sunset on the Table Land in Panchgani Hill Station and see the sky in many shades of color. The beauty of Table Land attracts the attention of many tourists visiting here every year. If you are planning to visit a place full of action and fun, then no better place than Table Land can be for you. At this place you can do many things from horse riding to trekking, arcade games. This plateau clearly shows the view of Bhoga-Vilas. One of the beautiful wonders of nature, this plateau is a very famous part of the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani region. If you are going to take a holiday for a week, then there can be no better one for you than Table Land in Panchgani Hill Station.


Mahabaleshwar is a hilly town in the Western Ghats, apart from its strawberries, is also known for it's many rivers, spectacular waterfalls and majestic peaks. Mahabaleshwar is a hill station located in the Satara district of Maharashtra state, which is known for its captivating beauty and beautiful strawberry farm. Apart from this, the city also has many ancient temples, boarding schools, manicures and lush green forests, waterfalls, hills, valleys. The city is the second most popular place on weekends after Mumbai. The attractive atmosphere of Mahabaleshwar attracts tourists visiting here. If you want to visit Panchgani then do not forget to visit Mahabaleshwar.


Panchgani is a great tourist destination for paragliding due to its panoramic view. Let us know that there are many reliable paragliding clubs in this city, with the help of which one can go from the initial level of paragliding to the advanced level.


At the beginning of Panchgani, Sydney Point is a small place situated atop this mountain. If you are creative and looking for inspiration, then this place can prove to be great for thinking in your right environment.


Parsi Point, is the route to Mahabaleshwar, offers spectacular water views of the Krishna Valley and Dhum Dam. This place is surrounded by lush green mountains and nature shows some very exciting scenery. If you are looking for a place to stay for a while and want to relieve your tiredness and take a breather, then this place can prove to be very special for you. The atmosphere of this place will refresh your senses and your soul will experience happiness. Parsi Point derives it's name from the Parsi community in the past. It is a very good place for trips during sunset and sunrise which gives a very good setup for a perfect landscape photo shoot. At Parsi Point you can ride a camel and see this place differently from the telescope. Earlier there used to be skydiving and other adventure sports at this place but due to some accidents they were closed.

If you are planning to visit Panchgani, then tell you that the best time to visit this place will be between October and April. Panchgani weather is very good throughout the day in these months, due to which these months are the best time to visit this hill station and do sightseeing. The time between July and September is the monsoon season in Panchgani. During the monsoon season this place is completely filled with greenery. At this time the sky is cloudy during the day and the climate is moist and cold.


If you want to travel to Panchgani by air then let us know that its nearest domestic airport is at Lohegaon Village (PNQ), Maharashtra Pune, which is about two and a half hours (110 km) by road from Panchgani. . For this airport you will get flights from major and major cities of the country like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Kochi.

The nearest railway station of Panchgani is Pune railway station, this railway station is located at a distance of 105 km from Panchgani. For Pune railway station you will get trains from many big cities like New Delhi, Mysore, Lucknow, Chennai, Puri and Jaipur.

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation and some private travel services are also available to Panchgani. Apart from this, if you can reach from your private place also. Explain that the main cities of the country like Panchgani road are 47 km from Satara, 82 km from Phalton, 102 km from Pune, 250 km from Mumbai, 301 km from Kunkeshwar, 310 km from Nashik, 360 km from Ghushneshwar, km from Bordi. 380 is located 423 km from Dhule.


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