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Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh is a district of Jharkhand province in India. Hazaribagh is located in Jharkhand, full of beautiful tourist spots. Hazaribagh means thousand gardens and it is made up of two words thousand and gardens. Here the Health Hill Resort has been constructed at an altitude of 2019 feet. This resort is situated in the lap of nature and is very beautiful. Health can be taken in this health resort by staying in the lap of nature.  Along with the health benefits, many beautiful tourist places can be visited here. Hazaribagh Lake is prominent among these tourist places where water sports can be enjoyed. Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Canary Hill and Rajarappa are other major tourist places. TOURIST PLACES IN HAZARIBAGH HAZARIBAGH WILDLIFE SANCTUARY                                                    Tourists can visit the Wildlife Sanctuary at Hazaribagh. It is very spacious and beautiful. Its area is about 184 square km. It is known all over the world for its beauty. Tourists can see var

Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Hemis

Hemis Monastery is a famous Buddhist monastery of Ladakh, located 40 km south of Leh. The Hemis Monastery was built by Ladakhi King Sengge Namgyal. It is considered one of the seven wonders of India and is also a World Heritage Site of the country. Situated amidst lush green hills and magnificent mountains on the banks of the Indus River, Hemis Monastery is the largest and most popular monastery in the region making it a major tourist attraction. Let me tell you Hemis Math is one of the wealthiest monasteries in India. It has a magnificent copper statue of Lord Buddha installed with stupas made of gold and silver. Hemis Monastery is indeed a remarkable blend of ancient spiritual culture and beautiful natural surroundings. Which remains the center of attraction for tourists and Buddhist spiritual followers. The Hemis Monastery was built in 1630 by Stagsang Raspa Nawang Gyatso, which was rebuilt and re-established in 1672 by the Ladakhi king, Senge Namgyal. The Hemis festival is dedicate

Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley, which was originally known as Ladumra, means 'Valley of Flowers', which is situated at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level. This area is known as the garden of Ladakh. During summer, tourists get a chance to see the pink and yellow wild roses that grow in the region. The history of this destination dates back to the 7th century AD when the Chinese, Mongolia and Arabs came here as invaders. Prior to Islam, Buddhism dominated the region. Nubra Valley Weather The temperature of Nubra Valley is favorable throughout the year, tourists are advised to travel between the months of July to September.There is no entry fee to roam the Nubra Valley but Nubra Valley is currently under military surveillance so you will have to give a photocopy of your travel permit to the troops at Khardung La Pass. TOURIST PLACES IN NUBRA VALLEY ANSA MONASTERY Ansa Monastery, otherwise known as Ensa Gompa, is located in proximity to Panamik village. Travelers should visit this 250 year

Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Pulwama

Pulwama, located at a distance of 25 km from Srinagar, is a small town in the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. Which is the 6th largest city in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Pulwama, highly acclaimed for its milk and rice production, is also popularly known as the 'Rice or Bowl of Kashmir' in Jammu and Kashmir. The place has apple orchards, natural waterfalls and natural valleys, which is an important part of Pulwama tourism. And remains a center of attraction for a large number of tourists. Apart from this, Pulwama, the popular city of Jammu and Kashmir, remains popular for exciting activities like mountaineering, trekking in summer and skiing and snowboarding in winter. Where tourists are often seen enjoying these exciting games. The history of Pulwama, the famous city of Jammu and Kashmir, is believed to date back to the 16th century when the region was ruled by the Mughals in the 16th century. But the Mughal authority could not last long and the Afghans took possessio

Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Sonamarg

Sonamarg is a beautiful city located in Jammu and Kashmir, surrounded by snow-plains, majestic glaciers and serene lakes. Sonmarg is a picturesque city located at an altitude of about 2800 km above sea level, 80 km northeast of Srinagar. Surrounded by natural beauty, breathtaking glaciers and serene lakes, Sonamarg is a popular tourist attraction of Jammu and Kashmir. Which remains a center of attraction for tourists and attracts thousands of Indian and foreign tourists every year with its captivating beauty. So if you want to know about the major tourist places of Sonamarg then definitely read this article where we are going to tell you about the 10 most prominent and popular tourist places of Sonamarg. If you are planning to visit Sonamarg Jammu and Kashmir with your family or friends, then let us tell you that the best time to visit Sonamarg is from April to June. Summer season is a pleasant season to visit Sonamarg when you can spend an exciting time amidst the snow in the scorchin

Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Bhawali

No one knows much about Bhawali Hill Station. It can be counted among the unknown tourist places of Uttarakhand, know how this hill destination can make you happy. Bhawali is a beautiful hill station under the boundaries of Nainital, known for it's beautiful plains, enchanting atmosphere and hill charm. Located at an altitude of 1,654 meters, it is a mountain town under the Kumaon division. This place is well connected to Almora, Ranikhet, Bhimtal, Mukteswar. Bhawali is well known for its TB sanatorium, which was established in 1912. According to the information, the wind of pine trees is very beneficial for TV patients, so this sanatorium is built in the middle of pine forests. Bhawali fascinates visitors with its high mountains, terraced fields, winding roads and greenery. A large number of burans trees are also found here, whose juice of flowers is considered very beneficial for health. Bhawali is a special hill station where tourists as well as devotees arrive, apart from enjoy