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Hemis Monastery is a famous Buddhist monastery of Ladakh, located 40 km south of Leh. The Hemis Monastery was built by Ladakhi King Sengge Namgyal. It is considered one of the seven wonders of India and is also a World Heritage Site of the country. Situated amidst lush green hills and magnificent mountains on the banks of the Indus River, Hemis Monastery is the largest and most popular monastery in the region making it a major tourist attraction. Let me tell you Hemis Math is one of the wealthiest monasteries in India. It has a magnificent copper statue of Lord Buddha installed with stupas made of gold and silver. Hemis Monastery is indeed a remarkable blend of ancient spiritual culture and beautiful natural surroundings. Which remains the center of attraction for tourists and Buddhist spiritual followers.

The Hemis Monastery was built in 1630 by Stagsang Raspa Nawang Gyatso, which was rebuilt and re-established in 1672 by the Ladakhi king, Senge Namgyal.

The Hemis festival is dedicated to the Buddhist god Padmasambhava, whose real name was Guru Rinpoche. This Hemis ceremony is celebrated in the monastery to honor his life, memories and contributions. The festival is noted for various spiritual customs. Hemis festival is celebrated once every 11 years * This festival is held with great fanfare in the months of June / July for two days in the vast and picturesque courtyard of Hemis Monastery. During the festival, the locals wear traditional Tibetan clothes. And the Lamas dance is known by the local people as "Cham", the Cham dance is a sacred Tibetan dance performance and is a part of the tradition here. Which is a major attraction of this festival.

Photography is allowed inside the monastery, so be sure to carry a camera with you during your visit. Let us know that you are not allowed to wear shoes inside the Hemis monastery, so it is the best option to keep your shoes in your vehicle. Be sure to enjoy delicious butter tea available in restaurants.For tourists visiting Hemis Monastery: Entry fee is Rs 50 per person.

Hemis Monastery is open daily for tourists from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm. And for your information, tell 2-3 hours for a complete and pleasant visit to Hemis Math and make sure to visit the Math.

If you want to visit Hemis Math with family or friends, then let us tell you that the best time to visit Hemis Math is between May and September. The weather here is very pleasant during this time. And while during the winter starting in November, avoid visiting Hemis Monastery as most of the routes are closed due to heavy snowfall at this time.



Hemis National Park is also known as Hemis High Altitude National Park. It is situated on the banks of the Indus River and is situated at an altitude of 3300 - 6000 meters above sea level. The park is named after Hemis Monastery, the famous Buddhist monastery of Hemis. After the monastery one can come to Hemis to roam here. Spread over an area of 600 square km, the park was declared a National Park in 1981. By 1988, the park expanded to 3350 sq km. In the year 1990, it was converted into an area of 4400 sq km. Has been extended to It is the second largest garden in South Asia. It has been declared the second largest contiguous protected area in India, which is named after the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in the country. Many rare and unique species are found here. In this park marmots, langurs, red fox, reindeer, wolves, snow lizards and many dangerous species of animals and mammals are found. This place provides a suitable and favorable environment for these animals. This region receives less rainfall due to which the trees and plants are found more dry and in the forest also trees like subalpine brich re, juniper and papules selex are found. According to the report, Hemis has 16 different species of mammals and more than 70 species of birds and birds. The extinct Lamargear vulture, the golden eagle, the Himalayan Griffon vulture and many other mountain birds are found here. Tourists can visit Hemis National Park in any season of the year. The best time to visit the park is between May and October, during which one can relax in the park.


If you are planning to go to Hemis Math by flight, then let us tell you that the nearest airport of Hemis Math is Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport in Leh. Which is located about 42 km from Hemis Monastery. This airport is connected to almost all major cities of India by the Hei route. And after reaching Leh Airport by flight, you can book a bus, auto, taxi or cab from here and reach Hemis Math.

If you want to travel by train to Hemis Math then let us tell you that there is no railway line near Hemis Math. The nearest railway station of Hemis Math is Katra Railway Station, which is about 223 km from Hemis Math. Traveling by train can be a choice for you, so avoid traveling by train to visit Hemis Math.

If you have chosen a road to go to Hemis Math then let us tell you that Hemis Math is well connected by road from all the major cities of Jammu and Kashmir. And regular bus services are also available to Hemis Math Leh from almost all parts of Jammu and Kashmir. So you can easily reach Hemis Math by traveling by bus, taxi or your private car at your convenience.



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