Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Kufri

Kufri is a major tourist destination located in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, which is most popular for holiday destinations in Himachal. Kufri is about 10 km from Shimla, if you are going to visit Shimla then definitely visit Kufri as snow in Kufri is something that makes tourists very excited. Although there is not much to see in Kufri, but trekking here, seeing the panoramic views and visiting the temple will make your trip memorable. Kufri is mostly considered as a spot for tourists visiting Shimla and tourists visiting Shimla are also advised to visit Kufri.

If you are going to visit Kufri and the tourist places around them, then tell you that the best time to visit is the months of November to March when there is a lot of snowfall, but the lack of snow in the summer season Kufri loses her charm due to. Kufri is famous for skiing and other snow activities, whether you go on summer days or winter it gives you a worldly feel. If you are going to see Kufri snow then the best time for you to travel is from December to February.

If you want to know about the special food of Kufri, then tell you that there is not much to eat here because it is a small area and most of the area is covered with snow. However, there are some stalls here that provide you with food items like momos, maggi etc. and can cater to the hunger needs of the travelers.



Himalayan Nature Park is also known as Kufri National Park. The park is spread over 90 hectares with a wide range of Himalayan flora and fauna. The Himalayan Nature Park is home to over 180 species of birds and a wide variety of animals living here. The tourists who come here are very attracted to see the wildlife here. In this park you can usually see animals like leopards, barking deer, hangals, musk deer and brown bears. The place where this park offers a spectacular view of the snow-covered Himalayan range. Tourists visiting here can go for an independent trek in this park and along with this you can also camp in this park.


If you want to visit the tourist places around Kufri, then tell that Fagu, situated between two valleys, is one of the best places to visit across Kufri. Let us tell you that Kufri is a place surrounded by apple orchards which becomes a skiing point in the winter season and an ideal picnic spot in summer. Fagu is located just 6 kilometers from Kufri, on top of which there are beautiful bungalows of tourists. If you are interested in trekking then you can go for a 3 km trek to Chharabda.


If you are fond of riding or adventure, then Kufri Fun World can prove to be a special experience for you. It is an amusement park with many fun rides for children. Explain that the world's highest go-kart track is also present in this park. If you are traveling to Kufri with your children, then go visit Kufri Fun World, because going here will be the best part of your journey. A canteen is located inside this park which serves breakfast for tourists.


Mahasu Peak is one of the best places to visit near Kufri. Let us know that this is the highest place of Peak Kufri from where you can see many breathtaking views, including the Badrinath and Kedarnath ranges. If you like adventure, then you can also travel on foot through the dense pine forests to reach its point. Mahasu Ridge is a good place for beginners in skiing during the winter season. Explain that this route is much smoother than other skiing slopes. In this journey you can also visit the Nag Devta Temple located here.


The Indira Tourist Park is located near the Himalayan National Park. Yak and pony rides are the main attraction for people of all ages. The park has attractive items such as a video game parlor, bar, an ice cream parlor and HPTDC - Run Fine Cafe. Indira Tourist Park is just 19 km from Shimla.


It can be a good experience to see the prismatic view of the snow covered mountains in Kufri. From skiing to amusement parks, there are many options here that can make your trip special. This charming place situated amidst the mountains, Kufri is an ideal place for honeymoon couples. Along with this, this place is full of beauty and peace to spend time in the summer season. Its environment will force you to get lost in nature. Kufri Zoo is a good place for children, here you will never forget the beauty of Himalayan nature park famous for its rich diversity of wildlife.


The nearest airport of Kufri is Jabbar Bhatti Airport near Shimla, after reaching this airport, you will easily get a taxi for Kufri. Apart from this, the nearest major airport of Kufri is in Chandigarh from where it takes about 3-4 hours to go to Kufri.

Since Kufri does not have it's own railway station, you have to take a train to Shimla railway station which is about 13 km from Kufri.Explain that Shimla railway station is located on narrow gauge and it is not connected to any major cities of the country by rail, so we advise you to catch a train to Ambala station or Chandigarh station.

It is quite easy to reach Kufri by road. Buses connecting Kufri to Shimla, Narkanda and Rampur are easily available. Apart from buses, you can also hire cabs and taxis privately.



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