Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh is a district of Jharkhand province in India. Hazaribagh is located in Jharkhand, full of beautiful tourist spots. Hazaribagh means thousand gardens and it is made up of two words thousand and gardens. Here the Health Hill Resort has been constructed at an altitude of 2019 feet. This resort is situated in the lap of nature and is very beautiful. Health can be taken in this health resort by staying in the lap of nature. 

Along with the health benefits, many beautiful tourist places can be visited here. Hazaribagh Lake is prominent among these tourist places where water sports can be enjoyed. Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Canary Hill and Rajarappa are other major tourist places.


HAZARIBAGH WILDLIFE SANCTUARY                                                  

Tourists can visit the Wildlife Sanctuary at Hazaribagh. It is very spacious and beautiful. Its area is about 184 square km. It is known all over the world for its beauty. Tourists can see various species of plants and animals. Balu, Sambar, Nilgai, Chital and Kakar are mainly found in this sanctuary. April-July is an ideal time to visit here because its greenery increases manifold at this time.


After visiting the sanctuary, one can visit Hazaribagh lake. The area around the lake is also quite beautiful. Tourists love this lake because they can celebrate the best picnic here, away from the running life of the city. Water sports are also available here which attract a lot of young tourists. Here due to the refreshment center called Kafeteria, people have started calling this place also as Kefiteria. Around this, Hazaribagh Central Jail is visible, from where many freedom fighters were taken hostage in the movement of Ajadi of 1942, in which Jayaprakash Narayan was the chief. Overall, it can be said that this lake is the lifeblood of the tourism industry of Hazaribagh. Suryakund is a hot water spot 2 km away from Barkatha Block in Hazaribagh district, which attracts a lot of tourists and people take a cold bath with the hot water coming out here. There are small mountains on the banks of Suryakund in Belkappi village. A fair is held here from January 14, which lasts for 15 days, lakhs of people come to see the fair every year. The water here remains warm up to 88 ℃. And it is situated on the banks of NH 2.


There are many hills in Hazaribagh of which the Canary hill is prominent. There are also three lakes on this hill which adds to its beauty. A building has been constructed on the hill. Beautiful views of Hazaribagh can be seen from this building which fascinates the tourists. These scenes are so beautiful that tourists do not forget to capture these pictures in their cameras.


Rajrappa Maa is famous for Chhin Mastika Mandir. Apart from the temple, it is also known as the confluence site of Bhera and Damodar river. The confluence of these two rivers is delightful as the Bhera River joins the Damodar River in the form of a waterfall from a height of about 20 feet. The stream of this waterfall has cut the hill in such a way that it looks like a beautiful picture. There is also a facility of boating which attracts tourists a lot.


Just seven km away from Hazaribagh city, you can have a great picnic away from the running life in the dam.

LUTWA DAM                   

Situated amidst a wildlife sanctuary, this dam looks like a white surface in the lap of nature. To reach here, one has to come from the main gate of the sanctuary which falls on NH-33 towards 500 m. From there, a rough route passes through the forest towards the east, it can be reached from there. This dam is an important source of drinking water for wild animals. A Sakhu tree is seen everywhere. It is also an ideal place for Vanbhoj. The natural beauty of that place is pleasing to the mind. You are about 40 feet above the water level and have a huge water body in front. By the way, try to leave from there before evening.


There is a very cute village Khutra, three km from Chhada Dam. Where there is a very large mosque which is the largest in its surrounding area, people come from far and wide to see it.


Ichak is located 13 km northwest of Hazaribagh district headquarters. Ichak was once the capital of the Singh kings, who belonged to the Ramgarh royal family. It is said that about 170 temples were built here during the reign of these kings (18th century). Another specialty of these temples is that the pond was constructed near almost all the temples. One of the famous temples here is the temple of Budhi Mata. Devotees come here from Bihar, Bengal, Orissa and other areas. It is believed that every vow sought here is fulfilled. Among other temples, the Sun Temple is also a famous temple. There is a cave behind the Sun Temple, which was then closed, it is believed that this tunnel is about 15 km. Is long. The second end of which opens into the palace of Padma Raja Singh, from where the Empress used to worship in the Sun Temple through this tunnel. Two Thakurbari (Bada Akhara and Chota Akhara) are also situated here where there is a temple of Lord Lakshmi Narayan. The bells of Aarti which takes place every morning and evening are enchanting. Banshidhar Temple is located in the main market, Janmashtami is celebrated here every year with great pomp. Ichak block is the largest block in Hazaribagh district, which consists of about 84 villages. The sweets here are famous in Balushahi, whole of Jharkhand.


This is a fairly good option in addition to the railway route. But to reach here by air one has to reach Ranchi Airport first. The distance from Ranchi to Hazaribagh is only 99 km, which can be covered by bus or private vehicle in one and a half hours.

Tourists can easily reach Hazaribagh by Ranchi-Varanasi Express, Muri Express and Shaktipunj Express. All these trains pass through Hazaribagh Road railway station. At present Hazaribagh itself has become a railway station, which is connected to the Koderma rail line. Koderma itself is a station on the Howrah-Delhi rail line. Therefore, it is not difficult to get here from Delhi, Kolkata.

It is quite easy to reach Hazaribagh by road. One can easily reach here by National Highway 33 by buses and taxis. It is connected to GT Road via NH-100, NH-33. It can be reached from NH-100 from Chatra, NH-33 from Jamshedpur, Ranchi. Hazaribagh can be reached in one and a half hours from the state capital Ranchi. Having a four lane road has increased the enjoyment and time of travel. Roadways increase the enjoyment of travel due to passing through forests, valleys. The glimpse of tribal culture is also seen from many places by road.


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