Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a city in the Tamil Nadu state of India. The Kodaikanal Hill Resort of Tamil Nadu, 2133 meters above sea level, captures everyone with its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Nestled among Palani Hill, this place is a major hill station in South India.

The fun of visiting here doubles when the Kurinji blooms. However, this flower blooms once in twelve years. People here consider the flower of Kurinji as their pride. When it blossoms, it becomes beautiful on seeing the beauty of the hills. And its smell is seductive. The beauty of nature is seen in all it's forms in Kodaikanal. The huge rocks, serene lakes, fruit orchards and lush green scenery here tell the story of its beauty. Also, the clean air coming from the eucalyptus and pine forests makes the atmosphere fragrant and buzzing.

Kodaikanal is mentioned in the Tamil Sangam literature of BC. The area around the Palani Hills at that time was inhabited by a primitive tribe called the Pelians and Pulayans. In 1845, the British established a hill station here. It was the favorite hill station of British administrators and missionaries. He used to spend his time here in summer.



This beautiful lake is popular for picnic spot. This lake full of natural beauty is 21 km from Kodaikanal bus stand. Drinking water is supplied to the city of Periyakulam from this lake. The discovery and improvement of this lake was done by Colonel Hamilton of the British Army in 1864 AD.


Bryant Park is spread over an area of 20 acres east of Lake Barium. The park is known for its variety of plants of flowers and hybrids. There are different types of flowers in a glasshouse here. Udhan Mela is organized here in the month of May.


This museum is located 5 km from the lake. It is looked after by Sacred Heart College. The Archidorium here is considered to be one of the best Archidoriums in India.


This boat club was established in 1910. Before 1932 it was not for the common people and tourists. Only a select few could enjoy boating here. Later this facility was also provided for tourists and common people. Carlton and Kodai boats can be rented here.


This man-made lake is quite popular in Kodaikanal. This star shaped lake is spread over an area of 60 acres. The greenery around it attracts tourists a lot. The Boat Club of this lake organizes exciting racing trips.


The place was named Coker's Walk after Lieutenant Coker. Koker prepared a map of Kodai. This place is one Km from the lake. From here there is a steep slope towards the south of Kodaikanal. Beautiful views of the plains can be seen from here.

KURINJI ANDAVAR TEMPLE                                       

This holy temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. This temple is situated at a distance of 3.2 km from Kodaikanal lake. In Tamil literature, Kurinji means mountain region and Andavar means God. Lord Murugan is considered the deity of the mountains. From this temple one can see the grand view of the plains of the north and the hills of Palani.


This attractive waterfall is located on the Ghat road, 8 km from Kodainal. The excess water of Kodai Lake falls as a waterfall from a height of 180 feet. The serene and gentle atmosphere here attracts tourists.

BEER SHOLA FALL                               

This beautiful picnic spot is 1.6 km from Lake Kodai. The route to reach here is quite bumpy. Here the bears can often be seen drinking water. This waterfall was named Beer Shola because of the presence of bears.

TELESCOPE HOUSE                                         

Two telescope houses have been set up at Kodai to see the beauty of the valley and its surroundings. Apart from this, you can also visit the Solar Physical Observatory, Dolmen Circle, Thalaiar waterfall in Kodaikanal.


Madurai is the nearest airport located at a distance of 120 km. Kodaikanal can be reached via bus or taxi from Madurai.

Kodai Road railway station is the nearest railway station which is located 80 km away.

Regular bus services to Kodaikanal are available from major cities like Madurai, Palani, Trichy, Bangalore, Coimbatore, etc.


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