Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Haflong

Tourists visiting Haflong, Assam's only hill station, cannot remain enchanted. It is also known as Switzerland of the East. Even though Haflong does not have snow-capped peaks, it is no less than Switzerland in terms of beauty. Located near the Barak Valley, this place is the district headquarters of North Kachhar District. Haflong tourism is always vibrant, as people from the surrounding cities often come here in summer. The town of Haflong is situated amidst rolling mountains at an altitude of 512 meters above sea level. The city is cool as well as picturesque. Waterfalls, streams and lush greenery spread all around will create a picture in your heart, which will not be easily forgotten. Haflong is also known as 'White Ant Hillock'.

The climate of Haflong is sub-tropical. It may be hot here, but the weather remains pleasant. It is cold here. It rains a lot during the rainy season.



Haflong Lake is located in the heart of the city and is very important from the tourism point of view. If you are going to Haflong then do not forget to roam this lake. It is one of the largest water parts of Assam and due to its beauty it is also called Assam's Scotland. Do not forget to enjoy boating by reaching here.


The nearest airport to Haflong is at Kumbhigram in Silchar, 106 km away. Silchar is well connected to Haflong by road. Silchar Airport provides regular flights to Guwahati, Dibrugarh and Kolkata. These flights are also further connected to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Haflong is connected to Silchar, Lumding, Mabong and Jatinga via the meter gauge line. Located 131 km from Haflong, Lumding is connected to Guwahati and many major trains stop here. Guwahati is the largest railway station in the North-East.

The roadway is the lifeline of Haflong. The National Highway 54 and 27 passes through Haflong and connects it to all parts of Assam as well as neighboring states of Meghalaya and Nagaland. While Silchar is the largest city nearby, Guwahati is 309 km away. Regular buses also run from Haflong.



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