Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Vagamon

Vagamon in Kerala is a beautiful hill station in South India, known for its hilly charm, enchanting climate and serene atmosphere. This hill station bordering Idukki is nothing less than a treasure for lovers of nature and solitude. A few years ago, this hill station was living an anonymous life, but today it has become a favorite place for distant travelers.

This hill station of Kerala is still far from commercialization, that is, the real natural beauty can be enjoyed here. Away from the busy lifestyle, this place is an ideal option for a great holiday. Know how Vagamon can make you happy in terms of tourism. Know about the beautiful tourist places here.



Vagamon is filled with natural treasures from all sides, where you can enjoy unmatched natural beauty. The Vagamon Falls here is counted among the few special tourist destinations. You can visit here during your visit to the city. This water fall is not very big but its milky edge affects visitors to a large extent. This waterfall looks beautiful amidst the lush green vegetation. You can visit here for a great experience.


You can start the Vagamon excursion from the beautiful cedar forest here. If you are a forest lover then you can come here. The specialty of these deodar forests can be gauged by the fact that the scenes here have been depicted in films many times. Cedar forests force tourists to come here on the strength of their adventures and beauty. Nestled during the British state, this forest is among the most exclusive tourist destinations in Kerala. There are many natural attractions around the forest which you can visit during the Vagamon excursion.


In the natural attractions of Vagamon, you can plan a visit to the Thangal Para Sthal here. Thangal Para is one of the famous scenic spots here, where tourists like to visit more. It is known as a religious and view point site. A large rock stone is placed on this site, which serves to give a different identity to the site. According to the information, this place used to be the residence of some Sufi saint Hasrat Sheikh Fariduddin Baba.


You can plan a trip to the Idukki Dam in special places near Vagamon. This dam built on the beautiful Periyar river is a geometric marvel. The attractive structure of the dam affects the tourists to a large extent. Idukki Dam is counted among the most special tourist destinations in Kerala, where tourists like to spend a comfortable time. The view around the dam is worth seeing. Plana can be made here on weekends. If you are a nature lover then definitely come here.


The nearest airport to Vagaman is the Cochin International Airport. Domestic and international flights are available at this airport. The distance between Cochin and Vagaman is 107 km. Therefore, it takes only two hours from this airport to the hill station by bus or taxi.

The nearest railway station Kuttikanam is located 22 km from Vagaman. Other railway stations nearby - Palai, 33 km from Vagaman - 39 km - Thodupuzha, 45 km away Kumily and the hill town of Kottayam which is located at a distance of 65 km.

Vagaman can also be reached by road. You can reach Vagaman by bus from nearby places. You can also hire a taxi.



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