Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Yercaud

Yercaud is a major tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. It is situated on the Sarvaraya mountain range on the Eastern Ghats. Cheaper than other hill stations, this place is gradually becoming popular among people. But it is not as crowded here as in Ooty or Kodaikanal. It is a suitable place for those wishing to feel nature up close.

Sandalwood, teak and silver oak (silver chestnut) trees are found in abundance in the forests of Yercaud. From wild animals like buffalo, reindeer, fox, mongoose, snake, squirrel to various birds like bulbul, moths, gourea and ababil are also found in these forests. However, Yercaud is a hill station and the temperature here is never too high. Hence, tourists are advised not to carry very heavy warm clothes with them. Apart from the beautiful view, tourists can also trek here and if you are traveling here in the month of May, then you must enjoy the summer festival when here, summer festival, boat races, flowers And dog shows (demonstrations) are organized. 

There are also some historical places in Yercaud for those who are interested in history. Although not much is known about the ancient history of Yercaud, it is believed that Yercaud became the first colony in the reign of Telugu kings. During the British rule, Yercaud was discovered in 1842 by Sir Thomas Muroe, who was then the Governor of the Madras Presidency. Although Yercaud is not a unique place for shopping, there are some items for tourists here. Some popular items are natural oils, perfumes, skin care products, fresh packs of locally produced black pepper, cardamom and coffee. Finding a place to stay in Yercaud is easy. There are many options available for this, ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts or homes to stay.



The biggest attraction of Yercaud is the lake here. The cold air here will freshen you up. There is Anna Park near the lake where different types of flowers attract you. It is very crowded in the month of May. At that time, a summer festival was organized here. There is an island in the middle of the lake which is connected to the mainland by the overbridge. Deer and peacocks can be seen on this island. Boating is also arranged in this lake. But you need to be careful while boating.


On the Servarayan hill is the Shevaroy temple 5326 feet above the sea level. This place is the highest place in Yercaud. The temple is dedicated to the local deity Saravaran and his wife Kavaramma. The tribes living here celebrate the annual festival in May every year. On the way to the temple is the bear cave near Norton Bungalow. It is believed that long ago it was the entrance to a king's secret tunnel.

KILIYUR FALLS                                                    

This waterfall is 3 km from Yercaud. The way to reach this waterfall 300 feet high is very exciting. Older people may have difficulty moving here.


The view of Ghat Road is visible from here. It would be better to come here at night. At that time, the city of Salem, illuminated in the light, looked very beautiful. There is a telescope on the Ladies seat through which the plains can be seen more closely. On going left from here, the Mettur Dam on the Kaveri River will be seen.


Many species of plants are found in Yercaud's botanical gardens. They also include rare species like pitcher plants. A sample of Kurinji flower (which grows once in twelve years) can also be seen here. It has the third largest orchidarium of India. It has more than a hundred varieties of orchids. Some of these are not found anywhere else in the world. Those interested in botany must come here.


It is the largest city in the region. There are some ancient temples here. But its main identity is from established industries here. Prominent among them are steel, sago and hand loom industries.


This place is located at the bottom of a small hill. There is a fort atop this hill. There are two rock-cut cave temples here, one dedicated to Narasimhaswamy and the other to Ranganathaswamy. At this place there is a 20 feet high statue of Hanuman ji, which is made by cutting a single stone.


This village was ruled by a king named Ekambra Mudaliar. There are two major temples here. One of these temples is dedicated to Sri Kameswara and the other to Karivarada Perumal. There is a huge statue of Lord Buddha in the village of Tisanganur on the outskirts of Amalur.


The nearest airport is Tiruchirappalli. Apart from this, it can also be reached from Coimbatore and Bangalore airports. Taxi facility is also available from Trichy to Yercaud.

Salem, the main junction, is 31 km away. Most trains from the southern part of the country pass through Salem which is connected to Cochin, Erode, Mangalore and Trivandrum.

It can be reached from Salem via bus and taxi. Apart from this, it is also connected to Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Bangalore and Coimbatore.



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