Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Yuksom

Located in India's eastern state of Sikkim, Yuksom is known for it's snowy hills and valleys with a Himalayan landscape. This hill station has also been called the gateway to Kanchenjunga. This hill station of Sikkim is famous for its monasteries and Buddhist heritage. Located at an altitude of 1780 meters, Yuksom was once the ancient capital of Sikkim. This place is mainly famous for its religious significance. The Yuksom symbolically represents the 'Third Eye of Sikkim'.

Yuksom literally means 'place of meeting of three lamas'. These three lamas are believed to have come from Tibet who held a meeting here to strengthen their hold. In this special article, know how special this beautiful hill destination is for you in terms of tourism, know about the most famous places here.



Ketoeopaldry Lake is counted among the most beautiful and largest lakes in Sikkim, situated at an altitude of 6000 feet, which is about 28 km from the city of Pelling. This lake attracts a lot of tourists due to its natural characteristics. This lake is quite large in size, which is situated in the middle of the forest. Apart from its beauty, this lake is also very popular for its divine purity. According to legends, this lake is believed to be associated with the goddess Tara. Various stories about the lake can be heard through the locals. Locals consider this lake as a sacred place. Pilgrims come here every year to visit the lake.


The Tashiding Monastery is considered a very important place for Buddhists. According to mythology, the place was visited by the Buddhist guru Padmasambhava. This place has been hit by earthquakes many times, and each time the monastery is rebuilt with the help of the state government. Decorated with beautiful buildings, the monastery is quite famous for its bright colors and beautiful Buddhist architecture. Many holy ceremonies are organized here during the year. You can plan a trip here to get some different experiences in life.


Apart from the Tashiding Monastery, Yuksom is also known for its Dubdi monastery. Built in 1701, this monastery was founded by Chogyar Namgyal. This beautiful monastery is also known as Yuksom Math. Nestled amidst the natural greenery, this monastery is quite popular for its sanctity as well as its structural beauty. The interior of the monastery is decorated with beautiful paintings, carved Buddhist designs, Buddhist patterns and manuscripts. It is a sacred place for Buddhist followers.


Apart from the Buddhist monasteries, you can also plan a trip to Khangchendzonga National Park in Yuksom. This national park is spread over an area of about 820 sq km. This park with natural beauty serves as a safe haven for many Himalayan fauna. Here you can see animals like Himalayan leopard, bear, Himalayan black bear, red panda etc. This National Park is counted among the most beautiful National Parks selected in India under the Himalayan region. The park has more than 500 different species of birds and flora.


Apart from the above places, you can plan a visit to Katok Math here. Like other monasteries in Sikkim, it is also counted among the important monasteries of the state. According to the information, this monastery has been named after a Buddhist lama. This famous monastery is built opposite to the Katok lake. The monastery has been made structurally beautiful by using beautiful Buddhist architecture and colors. You can spend some time here for mental and spiritual peace.


The nearest airport to Yuksom is at Bagdogra, which is 12 km from Siliguri and about 170 km from Yuksom.

There are no railway stations in Yuksom. The nearest railway station to Yuksom is New Jalpaiguri, which is located at a distance of 150 km. You can take a taxi from here to reach Yuksom. However, it is advisable to leave early in the morning to go to Yuksom, as it takes 7 hours to reach there via Jorethang, and the lighting arrangements are very poor on the way there. The nearest railway station from Yukson is New Jalpaiguri Junction.

Yuksom is easily accessible by road from Gangtok and Gasing. Tourists can easily reach Yuksom by bus car jeep.



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