Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, also known as Tatanagar, is a city in the state of Jharkhand, India. It is a part of East Singhbhum district located in the southern part of Jharkhand. The establishment of Jamshedpur is associated with the name of the Parsi businessman Jamshedji Nausharan Ji Tata. The establishment of the Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) in 1907 laid the foundation of the city. Earlier it used to be a tribal village called Sakchi. Due to the black soil here, the first railway station here was built in the name of Kalimati, which was later changed to Tatanagar. The first seeds of today's modern city were sown here due to the abundant availability of minerals and the easily available water of Gadkari and Suvarnarekha river, and proximity to Kolkata.

Jamshedpur is today one of the most progressive industrial cities of India. Production units of many Tata companies like Tisco, Tata Motors, Tiscon, Tinplate, Timken, Tube Division, etc. are employed here.

Jamshedpur will offer a wide range of options from Indian cuisine, vegetarian bits of Italian cuisine, Mughlai food, South Indian snacks to delicious street food and a variety of sweets. The most delicious here is Chanachur, which is considered as the signature food of the city. A number of street vendors selling delicious snacks such as chicken patties, dough patties with spicy sattu, a variety of chaats and golgappas can also be found. Hari's Golgappa in Telco Colony is the most famous place to eat. Laddus, Malpua, Rabri and Rasmalai will offer many types of sweets everywhere in Jamshedpur.

Jamshedpur, known as Lohanagri, is famous not only in Jharkhand, but in the whole world. It is also known as Tatanagar. The importance of Tatanagar is also at the international level in terms of tourism. It has recently been awarded the International Clean City Award. People come from all over the world to see this iron. Apart from international level factories like TISCO, Telco, Dimna Lake, Jubilee Park, Dalma Pahar, Hudco Lake, Modi Park, Keenan Stadium etc. are places where tourists can roam.



This park was built by Tata Steel after completing its 50 years as a gift to its residents. The park spread over 225 acres of land was inaugurated in 1958 AD by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This park, built on the lines of Vrindavan Gardens, has about a thousand varieties of rose plants. The park also has a children's park. Recently an amusement park has been constructed here. The amusement park has a variety of swings. Every year on 3 March, the entire park is decorated in a grand manner with electric colored bulbs in memory of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. On this day, thousands of people from all over the world come here to participate in this program. This program runs for three days. There is also a small zoo in one part of this park.


Hudco Lake was created artificially in the beautiful surroundings of the TELCO Colony. It is located near a park which also has an artificial waterfall which uses the lake water. The lake and park are situated on a beautiful hill and from here you can have a beautiful view of the entire city. It is an ideal place for picnics and evening entertainment.


Located at an altitude of 3000 feet and spread over 193 square kilometers, this sanctuary was inaugurated by the late Sanjay Gandhi. There are many places specially designed to see wild animals closely, from where tourists can easily see wild animals such as elephant, stag, tedua, tiger etc. Apart from this, the rare forest wealth can be seen here. The view of Tatanagar from the peak of Dalma hill in the night seems to be exactly like the twinkling stars in the sky. Guest houses have also been constructed by the Tata Steel and Forest Department for tourists to stay here. There is a natural temple of Lord Shiva in a cave here. Those who are reverently called Dalma Baba. They are also called the patron deity of Jamshedpur. On the days of Sawan and on the day of Shivaratri, these temples are decorated in a grand way and worship is done here. Dalma Hill is a natural shelter of elephants. From the administrative point of view, it extends from East Singhbhum, Seraikela-Kharsawan in Jharkhand to Belpahari in Purulia district of West Bengal. Dalma hill has many tribal villages.


It is located at a distance of 13 km from the city of Jamshedpur. Tourists visit this artificial lake at the foothills of Dalma Hill for years. In the month of December-January, tourists come here for a special picnic. This lake was built by Tata Steel for water conservation and for its residents.


Amadubi Rural Tourism Center is a rural village and a tourist destination in Jamshedpur. Tourists are taken to decked bullock carts for sightseeing of local tribal culture and artifacts. Paitkar paintings are the main attraction of the area. Here you can enjoy adventure sports such as parasailing, mountain climbing besides local kirtan.


Sir Dorabji Tata Park was constructed by Tata Steel and was dedicated to Rusimodi, hence the park was earlier called Modi Park. Later it was named after Sir Dorabji Tata, son of Jamsetji Tata and a huge statue of Sir Dorabji Tata was installed in the park. Today, this park is a center of entertainment for people in the evening and is also a good place for a picnic.


Situated on the outskirts of the city of Jamshedpur, the Golpahari temple is situated on a hilltop and is dedicated to the Goddess of the Pahari mountains. By walking 100 steps you can reach the Golpahari temple. The temple is situated at a very high altitude, so the view of the city below here is amazing.


Keenan Stadium is an international cricket stadium located in the northern city of Jamshedpur. The stadium has hosted many international and national cricket matches since its inception in 1939. It also has facilities for football and archery. Apart from this, Keenan Stadium has also been shot in many Bollywood films.


Jayanti Sarovar is a good place to visit in Jamshedpur. Jayanti Sarovar is a magnificent lake. Mostly used as an entertainment destination, the lake attracts tourists mostly during the winter months. Apart from this, the campus also has an amusement park for children with slides, skating rings etc.


Jamshedpur does not have a civil airport. However, the nearest airport is Ranchi Airport.

Tatanagar is the major railhead in Jamshedpur, which is very well connected to most cities in the country.

Jamshedpur is connected to all major cities of India by road. The National Highway 33 (Bahragowda to Barhi) passes through the city which connects to National Highway No. 2 to which Kolkata and Delhi are connected. Direct bus services are available (government and private) to Jamshedpur from many major cities of Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa including Ranchi (131 km), Patna, Gaya, Kolkata (250 km).



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