Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Yelagiri

Yelagiri, also known as Elagiri , is a small hill station in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu and is also known as a tourist paradise. Its history dates back to migrant times when Sara Yelagiri used to be the personal property of the zamindars of whose house still exists in Reddyur. In the early 1950s, Yelagiri was taken over by the Government of India.

Yelagiri hills are a popular destination for adventure sports lovers. In fact, some time ago it has been chosen as the second best natural sports venue in India after Panchgani in Maharashtra. Yelagiri also has many temples that attract both young and old tourists.While returning to your home from Yelagiri, do not forget to bring honey and jackfruit here because it is the best honey available in Tamil Nadu.



Nilavoor Lake is another tourist attraction in Yelagiri which is often visited by boating enthusiasts. It is located in Nilavoor village. This small lake is like a pond with a garden on its sides. Near the lake is the Devi Temple which is dedicated to Kadavu Nachiyya. A large crowd of devotees visit the temple to perform the puja between 11am and 12pm on Friday and the locals consider the Goddess to be almighty. Recently, Thambiran Lotus pond has been built in Nilavoor lake. Moksha Vimochana Temple is also near this lake. Local people believe that praying in this temple can get rid of their sins. There is a lot of peace around Nilavoor lake. If you want peace of mind and want to stay away from the troubles of everyday life, then Nilavoor lake is a must visit.


Trekking up the hill in Yelagiri will be the best experience. There are seven routes of trekking on the hill that pass through the reserved forests in many beautiful places such as waterfalls, hill tops and spectacular views of the plains. The longest trekking route is from Punganur to Nilavur Jalagamparai, which is about 14 km. The second best trekking route is between Punganur Lake to Swamimalai Hills which is about 6 km long and is the most preferred route. The trek ends at the summit from where the view of the entire hills can be seen. There are many more small roads like Swamimalai from Mangalam which is 2 km long, the distance from the information center to Kusi Kuttai is 1.5 km, Puthur to Perumadu waterfall is 3 km, Boat House to Pulicha Kutai is 3 km, and Nilavur to Kardimune is 1.5 km . If you want to experience all the trekking, then reserve a day for this separately.


The telescope house was built near Yelagiri Hills to attract tourists, which was built by the Forest Department. While coming from Ponneri, the entrance to the Telescope House is on the way to Yelagiri Hills on Ghat Road. This place is built at a height of 1002 meters at the turn of the thirteenth.


The Nature Park spread over 12 acres of land is close to Punganur Lake. Several species of plants adapted to the rocky terrain here have been planted in this park. An artificial waterfall has been built in this park. Bathing facility is also available in this waterfall. This nature park has some attractions such as a children's park, musical fountain, aquarium, seasonal garden, bamboo house and Pali Ghar. The musical fountain features water songs on popular songs. Many species of fish and turtles will be seen in the aquarium. Enjoying the beauty of Punganur Lake while relaxing in the park is a pleasure.


The Velavan Temple is located on one of the highest peaks in the Yelagiri hills. This temple was built in the name of Lord Murugan. A picturesque view of the idyllic life of the hill region can be seen from the temple. From here, you get a good view of the plains spread under the mountains. The main festivals of Tamil Nadu are celebrated with great pomp and glory in the Velavan temple. The best time to visit this temple is in July and August when a large number of festivals are celebrated here. Every year during these months, local people and devotees gather in the temple. The ringing of the temple bell helps to maintain the cultural essence of the place. The idol of Kadothkaja outside the Velavan temple remains an added attraction for tourists.


Chennai Airport is located 217 km from Yelagiri. There are internal and international flights from these airports. Cabs to Yelagiri are easily available from both these airports.

The nearest railway station from Yelagiri is Jolarpettai Junction which is about 23 km from Yelagiri. Trains coming from Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore stop here. Cabs are easily available from Jolarpettai to Yelagiri.

Both of you can reach Yelagiri by bus and car. Yelagiri is connected by road to Ponneri. Regular bus services are available to major cities like Tiruathur, Bangalore, Chennai, Krishnagiri and Vanayambadi. You can also reach here by driving a car from Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore.


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