Beautiful Hill Stations In India - Yumthang Valley

The Yumthang Valley is located in North Sikkim district at an elevation of 3575 meters above sea level. This place is 148 km from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim.

Yumthang is a beautiful place in the north of Sikkim. And that's why it is rightly called the 'Valley of Flowers'. This place rich in natural beauty attracts a lot of tourists during the spring, beautiful wild colored flowers like blooming roses and burruns. Apart from this, there are various other attractive sites around this beautiful site.



Yume-Semdong is located at a distance of 16 km from Yumthang. Located at an altitude of 16,000 feet, the place is full of beautiful landscapes, and to see the place at its best visit here between November to December and February to March. This is the best time to do it. The amazing view of the beautiful mountains can be enjoyed during these months.


The Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is a nature park located in North Sikkim at an altitude of 3048 m to 4575 m in the Yumthang Valley. The park has stately flower burrows and 49 different flora such as poppy, succifrage, potentilla shrubs, spring roses and jantians. The species is present. You will also find endangered species like tiger-beaver here. When the park is spread in full bloom in 33 hectares from Chamjomi to Lava Pass, there is a beautiful view. During this season the entire region looks as beautiful as Switzerland. The sanctuary is also inhabited by the red pheasant of Sikkim's state-run birdbath. The best season to visit the sanctuary is from April to May. The sanctuary is close to the Yumthang hot spring, which is a favorite destination in Sikkim.


This Shiva temple is located about 6 km ahead of Yumthang. There is a path to trek or drive to reach this temple which can make this journey very interesting journey.


Yumthang is a beautiful place in itself, but there is something else here that makes it more beautiful. What could that be? The dazzling and beautiful state flower, Rhodendran (Burans), which blooms in wood during April and May every year. Apart from this, there is also Shingba Rhodendran Sanctuary, which has at least 24 different varieties of these Buryansh flowers.


Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport to this place and has good connectivity to various major cities of India.

There is no railway station in Yumthang. The nearest railway station is Jalpaiguri station in Siliguri. This station has trains from New Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai and many other important places in the country. The nearest railway station from Yumthang is New Jalpaiguri Junction.

Direct road trip to Yumthang is not possible, as the roads are always foggy and dark around 5:30 pm. Hence, many people go to Gangtok from Lachung, which is close to Yumthang and here Stay and reach the Yumthang Valley from here. It takes about two hours to reach Yumthang Valley from here.



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