Mountains Of India - Aravalli

Aravalli is a mountain range located in the western part of India, Rajasthan. Also known as Adavala mountain in Rajasthan, Aravalli is the oldest mountain range in the geographical structure of India, which is the existence of Godwana land. It is the oldest mountain range in the world, which divides Rajasthan from north to south in two parts. It originated in the Precambian era (4.5 million million years). The highest mountain peak of Aravali is Gurushkhat (1722/1727 m) in Sirohi district, which is in Mount Abu (Sirohi). The Bhil tribe has lived in the vicinity of the Aravalli ranges for centuries.

The estimated age of the Aravalli mountain range is 570 million years. This is an example of a residual mountain with a total length of about 692 km from Gujarat to Delhi, about 79.49% of the Aravali mountain range is in Rajasthan, Rashtrapati Bhavan located in Delhi on the Raisina hill. It is a part of the Aravalli mountain range, the average elevation of Aravalli is 930 meters (1000 meters according to the NCRT), and the height and width of the south of Aravali is the highest, the Aravalli or the Aravalli North Indian ranges. Some rocky hills of this range, which are 550 km long, passing through the northeastern region of the state of Rajasthan, have gone to the south part of Delhi. The ranges of peaks and cuttings, which span 10 to 100 km, are generally 300 to 900 meters high.

This range is divided into two parts - the Sambhar-Sirohi ranges - which consists mostly of high mountains including Guru Shikhar (peak of the Aravalli ranges, in height (1,722 m) and (5649.606 ft)) of Mount Abu. There are different cutaneous areas. The Aravalli range is full of natural resources (and minerals) and acts to prevent the expansion of the western desert. The western part of the Aravalli mountain is called Marwar and the eastern part is called Mewar. There are several major rivers - Banas, Luni. , Is the point of origin of Sakhi and Sabarmati. This range has dense forests only in the southern region, otherwise in most areas it is sparse, sandy and rocky (pink colored pink).

Mount Abu is the highest in the Aravalli mountain range and is also outstanding in religious rituals. It has been said that when sage Parashurama made the earth devoid of Kshatriya, the sage Vashistha called the Kshatriyas again on this earth after performing a special yagya here. Here various kingdoms have built temples etc. which include both Hindus and Jains. This place is no less than a great place to visit.


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