Mountains Of India - Mahendragiri And Mahindrachal

This mountain is one of the Saptakul mountains of ancient India. Mahendragiri and Mahindrachal are considered two in India. One on the Eastern Ghats and one on the Western Ghats. The Mahendragiri of Valmiki Ramayana is on the Western Ghats, from where Hanumanji jumped to Lanka. The other is Mahendragiri, described in the Puranas. The second is to the north of the Eastern Ghats and extends to the central part of Orissa. Mahendragiri is a mountain range extending from Orissa to Madurai district. It also includes the hills of the Eastern Ghats and the mountain ranges extending up to Gondwana.

It is believed that after destroying the Haihayavanshi Kshatriya, Parashurama donated the earth containing the Saptadwip to Maharishi Kashyapa, then he gave up his weapons and weapons before Devaraj Indra and lived in the ashram on the 'Mahendra Parvat', the terrain which was cited by Sagar. Started. They still live there today.

According to the Puranas, taking a bath in the Parashurama pilgrimage here gives the fruits of Ashwamedha Yagya. The temple built by Yudhishthira on the eastern slope of this mountain is very attractive. A little farther east is the temple of Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas. The Gokarneshwar Temple is also located here. It is famous for a bilvriksha under which shraddha attains divine vision.

Rivers originating from Mahendra Parvat- Pitrusoma or Trisama, Rishikulya, Ikshuka or Ikshula (Bahuda), Tridiva or Vegavati, Langulini (Langulia) and Vanshakara or Vanshadhara.


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