How to Keep your Health Fit During Travelling

Who does not like traveling? Many people are fond of walking, but often complain of headaches or vomiting while traveling. They start to panic thinking that they do not get upset during the journey and due to this they are afraid to leave the car, bus or other vehicles on the road, if you have a similar problem. Taking care of things will be helpful for you:

1)Sprinkle a few drops of mint oil on your handkerchief and keep sniffing on the journey. You can also drink mint tea.

2)Keeping a small piece of ginger or toffee in the mouth during the journey provides relief. Apart from this, drinking ginger tea is also beneficial when your partner is nervous in the journey.

3)Stay away from reading a book or using a mobile while traveling, because doing so causes dizziness and nausea. You can also sleep if you want.

4)Neither leave empty stomach nor eat anything heavy before leaving the house. Stay away from fats and chili spices. Such food takes time to digest, due to which there is a problem during the journey.

5)If you are going on a road trip and if you are traveling by car or other four wheel vehicle then try to sit on the front seat of the car. This will give you relatively less of a shock to the rear wheels.

6)Women have to undergo menstruation every month. At such times, they should always keep sanitary napkins, tissue paper, hand sanitizers, towels, antiseptic medication in place of clothes. Wearing very tight clothes during periods is not right. These days, wear clothes that you feel comfortable wearing.


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