Things to carry while travelling ?

1) When you go for travel, at first know the weather in advance.

2)If you take any medicine every day, take those medicines first. With some vomiting stomach upset, gas, acidity, pain killer fever, cold, cough medicine.

3)Take your ID, voter card, Aadhaar card, PAN card passport with any one. Take the Xerox copy with you.

4)Take a small number of clothes. It will be less convenient to carry baggage.

5)Toothpaste Toothbrush Towels, Hair Oil, Soap, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Hair Brush, Hair Gel, Perfume, Saving Set Pack these into a small bag.

6)Be sure to take the camera and the camera charger.

7)If you wander around in a hot spot, you must keep a hat, sunglasses, sun cream lotion with slipper.

8)Jackets, gloves, hats, lip balm , socks should be kept in the closet if you wander around in the winter.

9) Carry few bottles of water.

10)Don't forget to take the mobile charger.



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